About Happy

Who is Happy Dave?
Happy the Human Pincushion! I am a stage performer and professional body piercer. I have incorporated the two into an exhilarating stage show . I am more than just another Circus freak. Not only have I combined live piercing with lifting, pulling and dragging, I have developed an act that delivers more than just sticking sharp objects into my skin. I have taken the pincushion act and have made it more. By adding theatrics coupled with humor, I take my audiences on an emotional rollercoaster ride that leaves them speechless. I deliver a new school act for a new school audience. I pack houses wherever I go. In addition to my pincushion act, I also write and direct Live Torture Plays.
I am also Happy the Drunken Clown! I show up at your event seemingly drunk and improvise off of your patrons reactions and comments about a drunken clown.
Do you need an unusual Boylesque act? I have developed a male version of the burlesque act complete with a pastie!
I also act and have been in several independent features and short films.
For upcoming show and booking information please call me at 708 – 441- 9373 or email me at: [email protected]
I am probably the only performer in history to have a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy.