Happy The Human Pincushion

Who is Happy Dave?
Happy the Human Pincushion! I am a stage performer and professional body piercer. I have incorporated the two into an exhilarating stage show . I am more than just another Circus freak. Not only have I combined live piercing with lifting pulling and dragging, I have developed an act that delivers more than just sticking sharp objects into my skin. I have taken the pincushion act and have made it more. By adding theatrics coupled with humor I take my audiences on an emotional roller coaster ride that leaves them speechless. I deliver a new school act for a new school audience. I pack houses wherever I go. In addition to my pincushion act I also write and direct Live Torture Plays. I was one of the featured performers with the Bros. Grim Circus on Korn’s Family Values tour. And the REAL Human Pincushion on American Horror Story’s GET COMMITTED Webisodes. See my credits page for the complete list of my various shows.
What the media is saying about Happy the Human Pincushion.
“His flesh stretches like a piece of chewing gum…Taking a cue from circus sideshow acts from the past,
Haskell performs ritualistic body modification – inserting spears and hooks into his own body,
as well as others, before crowds of 300 or more”.
The Chicago Tribune
For more information or to Book Happy the Human Pincushion
call 708-441-9373 or email [email protected]

Watch Happy in action

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