Happy The Drunken Clown

Finally a Clown the grown ups can enjoy!
Imagine the look on your guests faces when a drunken clown shows up at your party or event!!! He farts. He belches. He can’t even blow up a balloon, but everybody loves him because he is: Happy the Drunken Clown”.   Everything about Happy the Drunken Clown is wrong.  I hump peoples legs.  I use a pump to blow up balloons “Down by my crotch and groan while doing it”!  I make penis hats for the ladies.  Pull my pants down and show off my BANANA UNDIES!  Make balloons magically rise out of my pants and tell patrons that I am really getting a rise from them.  Hand out candy. That in itself is always good for a laugh to see who takes it! And much, much more.
I ALWAYS GET PERMISSION TO DO THESE THINGS BEFORE I EVER TOUCH SOMEONE.  I start out each gig by walking around to get a feel for the crowd.   See who is laughing, who looks terrified. I always respect peoples clown phobias. And most of the time they are not nice about it. As a professional I just walk away.  I know how to work a crowd And gauge my antics accordingly. Most people have fun with the naughty drunken clown. Those are the people I give most of my attention to, as well as dance and just mingle and talk to people.. I have a lot of fun as Happy the Drunken Clown.  I am a professionally trained Improviser and actor. I have been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. I entertain adults because everyone loves a clown! Well almost everyone!
The perfect entertainment for bachelorette or bachelor parties, bar mitzvahs, rodeos, pub crawls, great grandma’s 100th birthday, Little Suzie’s first birthday or any other occasion you can think of. Happy will even show up at funerals although it goes better if he’s invited.
Bachelorette Parties
Ladies, don’t settle for canapes and strippers. Make your party a legend by hiring Happy the Drunken Clown!
Birthday Parties
Happy the Human Pincushion or Happy the Drunken Clown can make any party memorable!
Funerals are for the living, so liven them up by hiring Happy the Drunken Clown!

For more information or to Book Happy the Drunken Clown
call 708-441-9373or email [email protected]