Hi!  Happy Dave here.  Thanks for stopping by. The name of my company is MP Productions. I sell and market well, Myself!  I had this website designed to be as user friendly as possible so you can navigate and find what your looking for quickly.  I offer many services and products.  New lower T-Shirt prices.


I am a professional Body Piercer.

A Sideshow performer. “Happy the Human Pincushion

An Entertainer. “Happy the Drunken Clown

I can custom tailor a show to fit your  event or parties specific needs.

Emcee, actor , writer and poet.  I have been in several films. I am working on my fourth book of poems and have written a manual that teaches people success strategies.
So Stay awhile and explore the world of Happy Dave, visit my store and shop.


And please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.